Timeline Shift

Published October 21, 2020 by tindertender

May 29, 1996 I was in a car accident, I wrapped my Honda Del Sol around a telephone pole.

At first, as I walked around for 2 days as tho I was the living dead, I thought it was just extreme luck, saved by “god”, after all, when I lost control I lifted my hands from the steering wheel and simply said, “Oh God”.

Some time ago I had a vision of this accident, but in this vision I had hit the pole head on, not rear first. There were women there telling me to ‘breathe’.

Knowing what I know now, this had to be a timeline shift. Someone wanted to be certain I survived that accident. Why they wanted to keep me alive for these times is still unknown … by me.

There are some folks out there who claim to know who I am, they claim to know what I will do, they’ve stated that I’ve done ‘this’ for other worlds also. One of these folks called me a ‘princess’.

I come from a place where there is a man residing on the highest mountain, he sent me here. I walked into the sun, meandering through tall golden grasses in the meadow below this man. Just as I walked into this life I looked up at him and he sent the feeling, the impression, that he is mine. It was the fullest love I have ever felt.

It is maddening when others claim to know who you are and yet do not share the information. How can they possibly know me when I do not even know myself?

One thing is clear, I came for a reason, and ‘someones’ shifted time in a very bad accident to keep me here, alive, in these times.

I’ve been visited by Golden, guardian of the canine who have crossed over. He came to me when he was able to retrieve my murdered Sal, allowing us to play for a short time before they went. He came to me and attacked something that was in front of me. He presented a bunch of puppies, playing.

One of the first humans came to me, running through the forest, somersaulting, so agile! Some might refer to this one as a bigfoot. They also showed me their young, three little ones.

A very young female, in body, was wise beyond her appearance, obviously quite ancient. She presented herself in front of me. She wore the pelts of animals as clothing. I wondered why she would appear to me … who is she?

I’ve had people in astral ‘shadow’ help me maintain my composure when I got riled, as though they were trying to protect me.

I’ve had people in astral ‘light’ try to do me harm.

I’ve been aboard a craft on another world and saw a family on a mound in the center of the river, seemingly paralyzed. Creatures came and those on the craft began throwing out salt pellets, claiming they liked the salt. Which led me to think the family on the mound was some sort of sacrifice.

There are MANY experiences I have not listed here.

I’ve received many psychic threats and attacks, both verbally and physical. Human beings sometimes think that if they do certain magic spells, they’ll be rewarded with something of benefit. They keep trying, can’t say as I blame them … this seems to be the only way to gain for some. I’ve had to walk away from more than one actual person who did this …

Some day perhaps I’ll know as much about me as others seem to think they know. Although, I often ‘hear’ them saying, “She’s stronger than I thought she was” among other statements of error in ‘thinking’ concerning me.

Maybe they really do not know as much as they think they know, they’ve been in error so often.

CERN … the glorious gatekeepers to multiverse. They’ve been instructed to open portals, and this is exactly what they are doing.

You see, this IS the time of harvest for this planet. Some folks with go here, some there …. on one world and time-line or another.

Our attitudes are being observed right now, which is why it is important to deal with triggering memories and work on a shift in attitude to one of compassion, care and even love. There are quite a few who are not pleased with my attitude.

Someone mentioned that our self, and god, will be determining whether we go to one of the heavens or one of the other places. Of course I asked, who is god? To which I received no answer.

There are factions here who have been warring for millennia … the Holy War. The Jewish people know all about it, they’ve been in the middle of it for a very long time.


I had no idea about any of this as a non-religious person. Personally, I have only the history of this particular life, I have no knowledge of even my ancestry. I do not even know what time of day I was born, day or night. And yet others have this history in their lives which goes back millennia. It is difficult for me to understand.

And they (in the hidden realms) who are involved in this fiasco think they know who I am … a bit disturbing.

Perhaps someday I’ll know what all of this is about.

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