State of Mind

Published August 20, 2020 by tindertender

I once had arrogance, a surety that I “knew it all” and the world revolved around me.

I had an experience that brought on profound fear. Perhaps I still am in fear, and just don’t realize it … maybe it is suppressed.

My perception currently is that this fear shifted into stubbornness … a need for it arose as I tried to pry myself from fear.

Today’s experience seems to be one of happiness and love, more frequently than not. My goal is to shift stubbornness into Skillful Will, which partners with the various forms of Life.

Sometimes I have bouts of rage, I roil and spew, just like that raging river … and then I calm down and a gentler flow ensues.

Currently, my focus is on reformatting my language to be more inclusive. The knowing that we are about to unite with various other life forms is a sure presence.

I share this with you, because I love you and wish for you to join in the festival that is about to rise.

There will be a grand entrance, it will be a party for some, and a terrifying event for others.

Please join me in the excitement of a new era, a new way of being, of joining in with an expanded family … and creating our New World.

The finest celebration most will see is upon us.

Let’s shift together and watch as Beauty shines.


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