Oracle Reading 7-30-2020

Published July 30, 2020 by tindertender

Ideals: Reaction: Observe your emotions and consider what they are signaling. To a large extent, how you react and respond to life depends on how you perceive it to be. Step away for awhile. Clarity requires balance and detachment. Let love be the catalyst for an enlightened outcome. Accepting your emotional self leads to being calm, composed and blessed in every solution.

Base Foundation: Surface: Just below the surface of what we think is reality, is the powerful, dreamlike realm of imagination. It is from this world of pure creativity that everything comes to life, is built or discovered. Your imagination is not restricted to the physical or known world. It is unlimited, multidimensional, free and clear. Mine the treasures of your soul and let your true self surface.

What is already behind you: Fragments: Beyond your thoughts there is the mirror of infinity. It is a clear space through which you will see your true reflection. Here you can see your whole self – your shadows and your light. See that you are beautiful. You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide; you are blessed and held in the loving field of the Divine Mother.

The present: Preservation: Peace is a surrendering. Love is vulnerable. Allow yourself to trust and believe that love is here for you. You are safe, protected and loved by the Divine. Let love water the seeds of joy, creativity and contentment that lie within you. Accept the blessings of this world into your heart so your true self can blossom.

The foreseeable future: Discernment: Breathe in the Divine Mother’s deep love for this world. Surround yourself with works of peace and compassion. Take on the beauty and joy of living. Increase your concentration of love, and it will naturally flow out into the world, from high to low, following the channels to where it is needed most. The energy you foster in yourself and in the world is a choice. Be selective. Choose love.

Still in the shadows: Influence: Only through the eyes of the soul can the true nature of your life, existence and purpose be known. All of life flows from one divine heart of creation. You have a purpose, a meaning and a role to play in this great journey of life. It may be beyond the knowing of the physical world, but it is not beyond the knowing of your soul.

Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” ages by Toni Carmine Salerno and Leela J. Williams

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