Oracle Reading 7-29-2020 p.m.

Published July 29, 2020 by tindertender

Listen to your heart. Embrace what makes you happy. There are one million reasons to Love.

This day I will love. before I talk I will listen. Before I criticize I will forgive. Before I judge I will think. I remember that after all of this is over, the only thing that will really count is how we treated each other and how much we have loved.

Be with the ones who make you shine, who Love you and really care. Keep those and let the others go.

This day I open myself to have the companions and friends I want and deserve in my life. I know true friends are the ones who weave magic into my days and bring out the best in me. But the other ones, the false friends, I will see them for who they are and let them go. I now choose the company of those who know I am valuable, lovable, and worthy, for I am.

Be bold. Rise up and stand tall. Feel the fire in your Soul.

This day I will connect with my inner power and be bold. I will rise up and know my worth. I banish all uncertainty and remember with pride my accomplishments. I will let no one diminish me. I embrace the strong, beautiful presence that I am and I will go forth with courage.

Your dreams have untold energy. Open the door and let them live. Desire and belief are your power.

This day I acknowledge that my life is expanding and new doors are opening. I will let go of unwanted past experiences, forgive, and be grateful for lessons learned. I will be filled with a vision of everything that I want my life to be, do, and have, and let the magic happen. I give thanks in advance for all the blessings on their way.

Embrace the need for solitude. Your inner sanctuary calls you. Renew yourself and thrive.

This day I realize deeply that this present moment is all I really have and that NOW is my sanctuary. It has all the magic and happiness that I need. I let go of the past for I am not there. I let go of the future for it has not yet happened. I look within and find the peace and joy I seek in this divine moment and I will flourish.

Reading from the deck Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma


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