Oracle Reading 7-24-2020

Published July 24, 2020 by tindertender

You will be victorious. Teamwork or a partnership may be better than going it alone. Synergy is important right now. Delegation is useful.

Boudicca’s very name means “bringer of victory.” She did what no other could do in her time: she was a queen, a warrior, a leader, and a mother. She was real. She was Boudicca.

When the Romans invaded Britain, things changed greatly for the native tribes. Some were wiped out, some were subjugated, and some became Roman allies. None were united. When Boudicca’s husband, king of the Iceni, died, he left his kingdom to his wife, daughters, and the Roman emperor, but the Romans did not honor his will. As the Romans did not recognize inheritance of land through the maternal line, they annexed the kingdom, just as if it were conquered territory, and the king’s women had no leadership rights. Boudicca, a tall, strong, red headed warrior queen, protested this.

The Romans came to Boudicca’s village to pass their judgement and violently attacked Boudicca and her daughters. They took all the food in the village and prohibited other Romans to trade with them. Additionally, the Romans slaughtered druids (who screamed curses upon them as the Romans landed upon the beach), burned down their sacred groves, and poisoned their holy wells. All these acts triggered a revolution within Boudicca; she decided that she would not only war with Rome but also attempt to unite the tribes of the Britons.

Joining with a neighboring tribe, Boudicca led an army that decimated a major Roman stronghold, the Romans certainly underestimating her ferocity and strategic prowess. Battle after battle, she eventually reached Londinium, which she joyfully burned to the ground. Archaeologists have discovered a charred layer of ash almost half a meter thick under modern London, courtesy of Boudicca.

Boudicca was eventually defeated, though it is not known exactly where and when she died. She was given a royal burial, and her army was disbanded, though not before damaging the Roman army and achieving what the Britons had sought all along – respect.

Her legend lives on. Boudicca has become a siren symbol of unity and of revolution. Her energy has been channeled by everyone from Queen Victoria (who had a statue made in her honor that sits on Westminster Pier in London) to numerous painters and writers of books, movies, and television series. When you feel downtrodden, are a victim of injustice, or think that you cannot possibly win, call upon the Queen of the Iceni to assist you! Her energy is one for when you feel you are unjustly being ignored and are not receiving the respectful treatment from others that you deserve.

When you feel it is time to stand up for just or respectful treatment and you want to call others to you for a positive purpose, or even just feel the unity of your own purpose and various energies, you can call on Boudicca.

You will need three small stones for this.

Go outside. Take a big, deep breath. Hold the stones in your hand.

Stand with your legs slightly apart, knees relaxed, in a stable, balanced pose. Raise one arm in a salute of victory. Say strongly,

Daughter of the Hare,

Queen of the Inceni,

Boudicca, hear my call!

I call you to join with me. I have a battle to win.

I know you will show me my strength and my will.

(Tell Boudicca your Issue)

Unite with me, great Boudicca.

Allow me to ride on your chariot

As I move forward

In trust and power.

Place the three stones in the earth in honor of Boudicca’s daughters.

Reading from the deck “Goddesses and Sirens” created by Stacy Demarco

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