Watery Release

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

Decades old pain arose, surprising me, for I thought I had put it to rest. Well, I did put it to rest … without the proper processing necessary first.

I cried for a whole day. And even some on the second day.

I told myself to stop living in the past, to push it aside, to shut off the tears, to ‘woman’ up.

And then I spoke to some very dear friends, one of which asked me this:

Do you take a shower to wash your body?

I said, yes.

She said, “Tears are a cleansing for the soul. It washes it pure after trauma, or heartbreak of any kind.”

She explained to me that I should NEVER shut down my tears, that I should pay very close attention to what is being “washed away”, to feel it thoroughly and then release it.

After this talk, I vow to never put a damper on my tears, never to put the breaks on any release of past hurt or trauma.

I will allow my tears to wash my pain.

I will permit the process of healing in my person.

And I will not be ashamed.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@aliyahjam

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