Oracle Reading 6-13-2020

Published June 13, 2020 by tindertender

In this reading you can look at just the italic portion for a more earthly meaning, or the non-italics for a more spiritual meaning, or both for a more full interpretation.

Balance imagination and reality. Be cautious of giving undue influence to baseless assumption. Distinguish between opinion and evidence. Become aware of false limitations. Put real effort into proving a doubt or fear wrong. Be open to new ideas and perspectives, but do your homework and ensure a claim can hold true in practice as well as theory.

Only through the eyes of the soul can the true nature of your life, existence and purpose be known. All of life flows from one divine heart of creation. You have a purpose, a meaning and a role to play in this great journey of life. It may be beyond the knowing of the physical world, but it is not beyond the knowing of your soul.

A feeling that history is repeating. The patterns in your past – in your childhood, in your relationships, in your career – are escapable. Stop and learn the lesson so you can move forward. There is no need to mind,easily (endlessly) repeat. Look outside of what you know and break a cycle. Someone, perhaps the universe, is trying to tell you something. A unique response to a repeat problem is needed.

From the flawless patterns of your spirit, a great light shines upon the world. You are a leader, a healer, an inspiration, a free spirit … unrestricted by traditional thinking. A desire to be all you can be, and a vision for positive transformation draws you into deep exploration and clarity. Break free, reshape your destiny and follow the spiraling, intertwining pathways of peace, love and wisdom.

Sudden clarity amid adversity. Acute awareness of yourself and your circumstances. Finding unexpected strength and wisdom in a crisis. Realizing the limits of a situation … pressure cannot make diamonds from coal. Challenging a misconception or calling out a false promise. Isolate and develop an idea, talent or goal to excellence, without external influence. Trusting you will have what it takes when it matters.

All soon clears, heals and is resolved. Peace ascends within you like a glorious bud opening to the surface. Realization comes in a dazzling flash, and you will see the world and your soul as blessed as they truly are. Follow love to the peaceful space inside your heart, your power center, from which all is possible and all is available.

The tedium or drudgery of a safe but unstimulating environment. Denying a problem worsens an outcome. Avoidance f the tough stuff causes dependence, stagnation or loss of self. Make mistakes with the purpose of learning from them. Aim to manage stress, rather than eliminating it. Minimize damage by turning a difficulty to your advantage. A challenge brings needed incentive.

Challenge helps you face and overcome fear. This challenge is a blessing that will in some way make you stronger and more resilient. Open yourself to the light of the world. Draw it into you, be empowered by it and channel it into your environment for all to benefit from. Face all that comes your way and trust your ability to make change for the greater good.

Withdraw to the security of loved ones. Stumbling on or triggering a memory. Stories told in safety. Creative space. A message from the past, for the future. Your body remembers, listen to its story. Deep pain is transformed into wisdom and understanding. An inheritance, legacy or heirloom. Having access to the tools and knowledge you need. Be gentle with who you were and strong about who you will become.

If you are feeling lost, confused or are asking what life is all about, then it may be the perfect time to consult your original self. The one you keep hidden while you grow up and supposedly wiser around it. The sweet, loving, innocent you is not lost. Deep down, you are still that person. The original you exists outside of time, safe and awaiting rediscovery.

An underlying fear of success. New ideas threaten old ways. Positive change respects the past and the future – put your thinking cap on and brainstorm. Step outside of conformity and we’ll-meaning advice. Creative energy is generated through conversation and play. Be prepared for loud applause and the accompanying criticism. Experimentation recharges an interest. A sudden realization brings dramatic change.

An inspirational thought flows into your heart and something new is born. You are focused, inspired and intuitively guided towards success. Much is accomplished with seemingly little effort because the force of love and purpose is on your side. Your work and energy shall touch the hearts of many. Embrace your mental brilliance as part of your light.


Put yourself forward. Stand in the sun. Grab an opportunity and run with it. Reach beyond the shade, out of the comfort of darkness, and step into life. Holding yourself back is counterintuitive. Doubt, fear, anxiety and grief may be part of your journey, but don’t let them be the journey. Reach out. Stretch yourself little by little, grow strong and LIVE!

In a fleeting moment of grace, in the space between your thoughts, you glimpse a silent bliss that is beyond words or description. This all-encompassing love is your soulful, spiritual center. It is without beginning or end. Reach for it, and this state of grace shall be a guiding light in this world and beyond. It is life … it is eternal.

Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” Ted by Toni Carmine and Leela J. Williams


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