Oracle Reading 5-28-2020

Published May 28, 2020 by tindertender

In this reading you can read the italicized portion for a more Earthly meaning, the non-italics for a more Spiritual meaning, or both for a larger picture.

Giving something a try is not making a lifelong obligation. You can switch, swap, and refine your interests, friends, lovers, career, plans, home as often as you like. If something doesn’t fit right, try something new, and if that doesn’t work out, try something else. What you are looking for could be around the next corner. There is no failure in moving on or starting over.

Listen. Your heart is calling. A thirsty heart cannot be quenched by logic; it must drink from the well of life and be replenished. Each time it breaks, it comes to hold more, but it’s essence does not change. Your heart holds your truth in every breath. What does it say? Listen, and you shall be reborn.

Avoid comparison. It’s neither too soon nor too late to claim your life for yourself. There is no right way to live your life. There is no wrong way or set pace to follow your path. Be wary of false markers. It is not always time to harvest. Without periods of rest, planning and nurture, there may be no harvest.

Like invisible wheels, the seasons of life move through an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. What appears to begin, rise, fall away and end is but a small part in an endless journey without any clear start or climax. In the bright stillness of the divine mind, every journey flows through love. This is your journey, your time, your season. Shine!

All energy can be harnessed and used in myriad of ways. Just as elite athletes learn to use nervous energy to better their performance, it is up to you to draw energy stored in a negative experience to fuel your motivation, determination or creativity. Use whatever life sends you to your advantage. You can sit on the potential within you, or you can release it. It is your choice. This is not a matter of circumstance, ability or worthiness. Convert a possibility into a reality.

Through grace and love, we continue to transform. Nothing we do is lost or forgotten. As we release our hidden potentials, we create our destiny. One day we shall become stars. Through this process, many future Earths shall be born where we can live as one in the arms of the Divine Mother. The ground you walk on, the rain that falls, her love is stored in everything.

Insight: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It cannot appear from nowhere, nor can it disappear. All objects contain stored energy. This energy is measured in terms of its capacity or potential. Coal has the capacity to create heat. A stationary rock could roll downhill at a certain speed for a certain distance. The energy in running water has the potential to charge batteries. The potential is there, but the stored energy may sit dormant for millennia without ever being converted or utilized. This energy is neither negative or positive, but it can be used in any number of ways. Electricity can be used to hurt or return someone to life. There is potential in everything … in your memories, your hopes, your doubts, your strengths. How you use them is up to you.


Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” created by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J. Williams

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