Meditation On The Inner Kingdom

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Consciousness must be pivoted at the inmost point of ones being. Each man has a private door opening onto the eternal brightness. If he will not press and push it open, his darkness is self-doomed.


The Art of Interrogative Self-Reflection

When you have wakened in the morning and bathed, the first duty – and usually the most neglected one – confronting you is to “plug in” to your true self.

Seek the Kingdom of God within you.

There exists deep psychological reasons for this counsel. We can set the keynote of the entire days activities by the attitude adopted during the first hour after waking from sleep.

Whether we give five minutes or five hours to this practice of life-inspiring, it never fails to produce remarkable rewards in the long run.

Do this for ten minutes to half an hour once or twice a day.

Meditation will produce most results by being regular every day, rather than in fits and starts, because it is something that gradually “soaks in” by repeated daily efforts.

The daily practice of mental quiet must be done as regularly as eating. Habit rules our lives. The man who has learnt the secret of creating habits is able to control that which controls his life. And the best habit a man can make is that of meditation.

I would not only emphasize, but over-emphasize the astonishing value and urgent necessity of this habit. You will find in time that the daily period of mental quiet will become a looked-for joy, instead of a disciplinary duty, as it might seem at first, and you will allow nothing to interfere with it.

The Secret Path, by Paul Brunton

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