Core Of Man

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Unseen but seeing, unheard but hearing, unperceived but perceiving, unknown but knowing … This is thy Self, the ruler within, the immortal.

~ One of India’s ancient seers


O I could sing such grandeur’s and glories about you!

You have not known what you are, you have slumbered upon yourself all your life.

The mockeries are not you;

Underneath them and within them I see you lurk.

Whoever you are, claim your own.

~ Walt Whitman, from Leaves of Grass


Man, as he really is, and as he eternally has been and shall be, is a spiritual being. Life in the physical body does not detract from the truth of this statement.

Heaven lies all about us, not only during the innocent days of infancy, but every moment of existence, yet we know it not.

It is somewhat ironical that mans very self – his true nature – has become a secret in these days.

Wrapped in the folds of our own nature hides a rare jewel, though we know it not. None has dared to set a price upon it, nor will any ever dare to do so, for its value is beyond all things of known worth.

~ Excerpts from “The Secret Path” by Paul Brunton


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