Waking From Sleep

Published May 17, 2020 by tindertender

As a young girl I would be startled at the ‘knowing’ that would come over me about certain places, things, people or events. Usually it was of negative nature, or, it felt negative to my young girl heart.

I was introduced to alcohol at a young age by friends. I never liked the taste, but to fit in, I drank it. My perceptions seemed to die out the more ‘abusive’ I became with myself.

In my sexual experiences, I was surprised at the lack of connection made by my partners. They didn’t seem to feel things the same as I felt them. Deeply. No, they seemed shallow, for the climax only.

True connection always seemed to fail, even when I believed it hadn’t.

After 17 years sober, my perceptions are alive and kicking. Hollering even.

Astral travel is off the charts.

Fighting in the ethers.

Loving in the ethers.

Feeling for the first time what full body sense operation (without actual physical connection) is like, or the simple beginnings of the reality anyhow.

I believe I’ve been shown a glimmer of what true sensation is, and when partnered … whoa … it’s gonna be awesome.

Anyone and everyone who was or is psychic or clairaudient or having some other sense-ability will experience an upswing in sense activity, if they haven’t already.

Caring for self is critical right now. Be tender with yourself. If life is tense, find a few moments, here or there, or longer if you can, and love yourself tenderly. Sometimes, we are the only ones who will, so be sure to do that.

As the planet raises in consciousness, we are too. It will get bumpy-er. Be sure to put on your armor … hope, faith, belief … however that looks like for you. As I’ve been told in the recent past by a few, “Stand Your Ground”.

Do what is necessary to protect your Spirit and Soul. Eat nutritious, light food, live if possible, non-gmo too when possible. Easier said than done if you’re not super dedicated. I’ve added a nutrition shake in place of a meal to cut out some of the bulk.

We get where we are going by taking baby steps. One, two, three, maybe a couple steps back and three or four forward … growth is strenuous at times. Difficult, even when the change is minor.

Change, as well as full blown loving, will rock the nervous system. And it isn’t over at climax, no … it continues to alter the nervous system as long as needed until comfortable.

Then a new growth cycle will begin.

Find the joy in life’s ride. Create it, see it in everything. Otherwise, you’ll spend far too much time being upset, or angry, or lonely and bored.

Steer life’s emotions, do not be led by them.

They are powerful. Dangerous if left unchecked.

Be responsible.

But more than that …

Be a Creator who is in complete control of self, working at all times for the benefit of the whole.

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