We Are Connected

Published April 27, 2020 by tindertender

‪Last night as I was in a state between sleep and waking, I started asking where my peace was. Agitated, I asked the wind where it had carried it off to. ‬

I started walking, stomping through the wilderness on a trail, flailing my arms, demanding the wind show me where it had taken my peace.

I came upon a small creek. And I discovered the wind had dropped my peace into the waters. I saw the salamander there, and the tad poles and the water skippers.

They were swimming in the waters that the wind had blessed with the peace generated by my being.

I relaxed.

I watched them there in the creek. I thought of the two legged tad pole and how it would morph into a frog. Not unlike the caterpillars transformation … the tad pole must transform fully exposed to the elements… which is why the waters needed my peace, and all other life within it.

I looked at the moist soil along the banks and noted they were absorbing the waters. My peace was in the soil.

The trees and plant life, they absorbed this water from the moist earth, also being blessed by the peace I had generated and then lost. But in losing, realize it is truly a significant gain.

I discovered that my Love lives within my Soul. And that like a well in the forested home of a dwelling, it replenishes itself, and the more that is shared from the well, the purer the waters become, the more pure becomes the peace which is generated.

Interconnected we are. Every crawling and flying thing that drinks of the waters, drinks of the peace we have gifted to them on the wind. And they carry it further into life, adding their own abundance to it.

Let us recognize our self in all things, partners of the wind, growers of a beautiful love garden which all living things participate in nurturing, bringing to fruition to benefit all connectedness.

Image from Pond Plants online. https://www.pondplantsonline.com/products/tadpoles

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