Utilizing Sacred Creator Energies

Published April 24, 2020 by tindertender

Do you feel as though the world is dumping on your head? Always receiving more and more pain and sorrow? Have you forgotten to look for the tiny bright spots in the day?

If you speak of what you don’t want, rather than what you want, you will create what you do not want, for this is where you are putting the energy … speaking of it, and mentally trying to pushing it away, only brings it closer to you. (Not doing this is easier said that done, trust me, I know).

I am aware there are many who are suffering more than I currently, and there are also many who are doing much better as far as necessities and desires coming true.

When we are down, and I mean really down, dragging ourself along the pavement, hoping by some miracle someone will come along and pick us up, we must be resilient. Not only in thought, but in what we choose to see and fill our mind with.

Ask yourself … Is there anything, anything at all in this moment to be grateful for?

It’s easy to get stuck at the bottom of a mental well … look for those holding spots, feel around in your mind, find them.

You may have to enter deeply into the mind and heart in the midst of this chaos, pain and fear so prevalent in the world today.

It is said we have everything we need within us to get through hard times. I imagine it is up to each individual to find this treasure within them. It could take some serious chipping away at layers and layers of blockages that have been constructed due to previous experiences.

These layers must be shed now. Especially now, while we are in our homes, pondering what life means to us.

Become your best friend.

Love YOU.

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