Friends Of Light! 4-23-2020

Published April 23, 2020 by tindertender

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Continue With All You Know To Be Truth,

And Let The Rest Fall Away And Dissolve Into Nothing!

Emotions Are Energy And Change Frequently! Fear Is A Projected Illusion!

Truth Needs No Defending, So Stand Tall And Be That Truth!

Not All You Hear Will Be Familiar, So Go Within To The Higher Self Which Is Your Divinity From Creation To Ask Before Discarding New Knowledge!

Humans Are Hard-Wired To Question Any New Information That Later They Live By!

Your Essence Arrived To Ask And Learn, To Expand And Remember!

Most Importantly, To Remember Who You Truly Are!

The Image That Many Hold Of Self As An Autonomous Being, Separated From All Others, Is Part Of The Programming Of This Density!

Many Speak Of Love From Their Own Perspective Of A Creator Which They Both Worship And Fear!

This Is Not Love!  Love Enfolds All And Is In All, As All.

You Are Having A Split Second Flash Of Awareness That In Truth Is Infinite And Eternal!

Many Reference The World Around You To Reinforce Your Perceptions,

Never Giving Thought To Knowing Not All You Were Taught To Believe Is Even True!

In These Moments We Invite You To Just Relax!

There Is Nothing That You Need To Be Or Do Other Than Find Yourself!

In This Finding, You Will Discover Life Itself!

You Are Powerful And Sacred!

You Have Always Had Friends In High Places!+++

Be At Great Peace!

I Love You So!


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