The One Where We Tell You Just What the Heck is Going on

Published April 20, 2020 by tindertender

You are currently living through a highly complex situation. No, really. Here’s how we see things, currently…

This should come as no surprise, but we’re currently seeing two timelines superimposed — 3d and 4d — which is why people are reporting seeing doubles of things, as well as ETs walking into closets, etc. Sensitive people are getting MORE sensitive, and insensitive people keep speaking from pulpits they don’t deserve. Lots of you are reporting fresh sights and smells… that’s the New Earth. Those of you who can smell the flowers and hear the birds and see the blue of the sky… you are on the New Earth right now. You are also, like the rest of us, co-existing with the tragic 3d earth where people are gripped by fear and having epic problems. Put simply, we’re not allowed to split off and have a great time while all our brothers are suffering right “below” us, vibrationally. At least not yet.

Our current jobs are to shed love and light far and wide, which will leak to the 3d. Until this is done, no one is going anywhere. Bottom line: DO NOT get sucked into the 3d fear machine.

After we’ve done enough, the SHIFT *will* occur, the timelines will split, and one group will go one way — armed with hope — and the rest of us will go another way, off for a grand adventure. It is entirely possible that some will not see the New Earth — the one  you expect to see — until you transition to the next lifetime. This was not clear to us before. Spirit describes all this one way and we have to interpret and translate what it actually means to us on this level. So far, this seems to be the current reality… but this may change. It has already changed about a million times; “The Plan” is quite fluid, which you would expect with over eight billion beings’ free wills meshing all over the place.

That said, we’re all going to have to dig deep and give MORE. Please no griping. We’re not in charge. Don’t shoot the messenger. We’re just telling you what we were told. Hopefully this will resolve in a way that will give everyone the big fuzzy unicorn that they’ve had embedded in their minds for the past decade… but you should really release your expectations, and assume that SOURCE is working 24/7/365.25 for you. In the meantime, we’re asking all those called to become angels for the duration of their stay here, and play that fiddle loudly and with gusto (and in tune) here, in the Twilight Zone.

[FYI: Art lovingly borrowed from Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra at FatCat Art.]

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