Message Over Messenger

Published March 14, 2020 by tindertender

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Heed this warning.

Nothing you read once can be taken as truth.

Truth vs Falsehoods.

Therefore you must desern what is just and true.

“Like the old times.”

Trust but verify.

Truth will resonate from within.

In order to receive the opportunity for truth you must first understand falsehoods.

Disinformation is real and necessary.

Therefore, if you are being given the highest level intel in history to take down a criminal deep state, wouldn’t that be caught?

Allow us to use an analogy, they are technology illiterate clowns in Congress and including past Presidents who have direct involvement into what Jeffrey Epstein was doing who used tech they didn’t know how to use to rape and traffick OUR children with OUR money. Ultimate rape.

Paywalls, sponsorships, member-only, soliciting donations, selling merchandise, or even publishing books on the subject are at the very least alarming to the open source intent of shared political and national security information. This information must be openly discussed at face value and we must all be allowed to present our opinions and thoughts on what we believe truth vs falsehood means throughout different experiences. Be calm, listen, and accept that you may be wrong. This goes for all sides. One side isn’t more woke than the other.

Allow you to trust your instincts and always “Q”estion why? Why did they rig Hillary’s investigation? Why did Harvey Weinstein remain in power for so long? Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? If you expect to get the raw intelligence by which you can discern for yourself from paywalls then you must understand that everything being stated is a falsehood until it passes the burden of truth based on your informed understanding of the subject matter and a trust in your own gut instincts to what you believe it right versus wrong in the behavior of a very sick group of people. Monetizing your platforms, instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and Patreon accounts who cover #QAnon for a long time need to be open to the idea that your perception of the truth versus falsehood is incomplete at best. 70/30 was 30% truths 70% disinformation.

We need you to remain calm, and expect things to get bumpy over the next few weeks. War against China? No. Who launched the biological attack called #COVID19? Who resigned from two boards of director positions? What has he publicly supported? What are the georgia guidestones?

Hiding behind paywalls should stop. Hiding behind soliciting donations, monetizations, memberships, and merchandise should stop.

Providing a balance between content providers is a must.

Should nobody make any money?


Quite the opposite actually.

We really just ask that you let your audiences think for themselves. Tell them, if you must, what you see and how it makes you feel and what first hand experience or knowledge do you have about the subject. No conjectures. No conspiracy theories. Just truth. When you see stories like what you read about and what you will read about in the coming weeks, the truth is going to shock the world. We must be in lockdown mode for this. Nothing can stop what is coming. We are about to break through a major wartime period in history and usher our way into the 21st Century. 5D awaits us!

Use the information you learn or discover from any account online as potential reference points of interest that you can corroborate and verify the truth vs falsehood. Many personalities believe they understand Q and what is about to be revealed. They have truths. Listen.

But don’t try to control who people listen to and where they get their information from. It only exposes the weakness in your ability to control the ego. It is petty and is so 20th century. Level up bruh! Instead practice message over messenger. Additionally, when tuned to 3 6 and 9, coincidences turn not into coincidences and the fabric of the matrix becomes visible. Everything is energy. Thoughts. Actions. Words. They are vibrations. How evil was society before? Low vibration? How about once [322] takes place [soon]? Pretty high?

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