Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, dear friends. I love and appreciate all of you, so much. Today I will be addressing the incarnated angels and angelic lightworkers among you.

So many of you who found me here on Twitter are awakening to your true identities, and remembering who you actually are. You are here in service to humanity from far away places. You may be remembering vague memories of serving in other places.

As we discussed in the past few weeks, so many of you are continuing your service here on this planet, sometimes separated physically from those you long for and love. Your service here is appreciated.

I want you to know that you, the “lightworkers” serving here, were the first we came to when we arrived with the angelic army last July. You have been serving each other, sometimes without knowing it. We freed you first of the energetic implants and other energetic issues that were keeping you from fully doing what you came to do here. Now, I want you to know that the Ankenash from the Ra Confederacy, as well as the Arcturians and other healers from other places are here with you.

All of us in service here need you to fully break free of the human political and religious control that are keeping you from serving as you planned to serve. I’ve spoken of this before. Before you had implants in you that were throwing you off your paths. They are mostly gone.

Some of you are attracting new energetic devices in free will, because you don’t realize where they came from in the first place. This is time for you to step forward and lead, perhaps reintegrated back into your soul group here, but with courage to stand on your own.

Humanity, as well as the lightworkers here, desperately needs benevolent leadership. The time is now for you to set aside the human need to feel like you belong. We all need a sense of community. But your community is the lightworker community. We are here.

Have the courage to step forward and show humanity that they do not need to continue to follow those who oppressed them for all of their time here. Have courage to start teaching about our efforts here to clean up the water and the air, and heal this living planet.

We have always been the weird people here. We usually don’t fit in. Our light makes people think we are strange. But we did not come to fit in. We came to lead. We came to show humanity the light and help them find it for themselves.

That very human need to fit in, to be part of the controlling or popular groups, has led to disaster for humanity, time and time again. We are here not to be part of those groups. We are here to serve within them, to help people develop individually.

You are all leaders, even if you don’t feel like it now. You had to be strong to agree to serve on this planet, because this planet is one of the toughest venues for service in the entire galaxy. You are each fully capable of stepping forward and leading.

Humanity desperately needs to be shown how to live in unity consciousness. The way to help them see unity consciousness is to teach and model the Law of One in your own lives. Show them how to unconditionally serve and love ALL.

There are many lightworkers here who were called “Illuminati” and who were viciously attacked by those who did not want them to be able to serve here. Please show leadership and remember that judgment of others is not part of the Law of One.

Each of us has our own path of service, and many agree to serve in the public eye. They were often the most brutally attacked and controlled as they arrived here on this planet. All of you were targeted as you carried in the light to anchor it here on Earth.

Step forward now and “Know who you are, and know how you serve.” Work within your communities to support and care for children and anyone else who is in need. That homeless person you wonder about may be an ascended master giving you a service opportunity.

We change the world by healing ourselves first, and then reaching out to heal humanity by working with those around us. It may seem overwhelming if you try to take on the whole planet at once. But we don’t need to do that.

(Me: Sounds a bit like my new habit of coming home after work and cleaning a counter or corner every night. It works. Things stay in order.)

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