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Journey Back To Center

Published January 11, 2018 by tindertender

Mystical Clock

When my time comes
Will you still love me,
Or will you toss me aside
Like a worn out shoe?

Days and nights
Made of hours and minutes
Visited by seekers
Wanting answers I cannot give.

I clean, I wait.
I work, rest, and ponder what is.
Inside I know the way,
Consciously I do not remember.

I chuckle sometimes
At the clever weaving of knowledge.
It really could not be any better,
In and out of dreams.

Awake, I am curious,
Am I sleeping?
Asleep seems more like waking,
A journey escalated.

A journey escalated,
Questions chosen for time.
Time winds down once more,
Few seem to care.

Senses are embraced,
For soon they will not be.
Sooner than I dare say,

Opportunity To Shine

Published October 26, 2017 by tindertender

Doubts may have been, but now it is plain to see, when one woman (or man) puts their mind to it, much can be accomplished. Consistent motion, calm and methodical, one after the other, tasks are completed.

Life is a training field. When younger, it may have been difficult … working while ill, carrying the load of three, while being forced to watch one not even carry their own load. Frustration and a sense of things not quite right, yet, after all is said and done, the ones who stand and push through it, come out strong, very strong … Especially if they are able to evict any feeling of resentment from their mind space, forgive, understand that the bigger picture still, even now, has not told all its reasons for certain circumstances. Some day perhaps it will be clear.

Steam Engine

There is a sense of inner satisfaction when the steady pace shows clean space and room for the next tasks to begin. Chugga-chugga-chugga, freight train, or, locomotive, moving on the tracks of life. Are you capable of pulling that load up the hill? Of course you are!

You’ve got this!

Cape Horn Trailhead Challenge

Published August 27, 2017 by tindertender

It was a long and beautiful hike. I was pretty tired at the end, and no wonder. The 3 hour, 7.1 mile, moderate difficulty hike I thought I was taking turned out to be an 8.3 mile, strenuous difficuly hike.

Cape Horn

This was an experience that left me breathless, literally.


The sites were amazing! My muscles worked, my lungs added a ton of air to my body. I visualized them burning the toxins from my form and as I replaced the water my body sweat out, I saw my self purified.


Only when I reached the top and looked out and down did I realize what a climb I had taken! The views were spectacular!


The natural rock steps as I trekked up this trail were incredible! I actually was not quite prepared for this as I wore sandals that were not really snug to the foot and they kept trying to slip off. Next time I hike, I’ll be wearing at least tennis shoes!


After walking the decline for a time I met the rocky slope and it started to incline once more. I thought my legs were going to scream, I know I wanted to verbalize my surprise, however there was no one to tell it to.


I had stopped several times in the past on the Cape Overlook above. I was curious every time what was down here at the bottom, and now I know. It is a unique perspective seeing from above all these years an finally making it to the bottom.

This journey was a challenging one. By the end of this hike my 51 year old self was asking me why I chose to do this, and the answer is simple … I was unprepared, I accepted a challenge without fully investigating it.

Lesson learned. Full research will be made for future hikes, sturdy footwear and an extra bottle of water will be brought also.

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