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Energy Harvesting

Published December 13, 2021 by tindertender

It’s all the rage at the moment …

What if the “power” harvetsed for WiFi was actually generated by the controllers thru the suffering of the missing and tortured? By the suffering of the animal kingdom?

What if by using these devices we are actually perpetuating the suffering of our own human family? Our beloved pets.

Has humanity simply been “programmed” to eat the flesh because there are those non-human and human hybrids walking among us who prefer blood and flesh as sustenance? Perhaps especially if it is laced with adrenaline from fear and pain? The Life Force energy, imbued in the meat.

If humans weren’t privy to eating flesh it would seem pretty obvious to us the abuses against life itself.

For now, most are still asleep, deeply programmed into wanting to eat another living, breathing, bleeding red, life form.

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