This world can make people bitter

Published May 23, 2023 by tindertender

It’s the goal of the programmers in this realm to degrade you. To make you fall. To steal away your connection to higher frequencies and vibrations through anger, shame, guilt. The writers of this realms script wish for humanity to fall very hard and very low into war and famine, any form of suffering … hell.

If you agree to take on that role of lower vibration and frequency, someone else, likely the writers of the script, the “handlers” of humanity, will receive blessing.

This world must remain in balance. If you can be programmed and led into tending the role of lower vibratory mind set and relations, the blessing goes elsewhere … straight into the lap of your rulers.

I understand some test us in a big way. I bitch and moan as much as the next person when someone does me wrong, but I don’t embed myself into it any more. I don’t “become” it.

Don’t fall into the trap.

Tend yourself.

Be conscious of the role you fill in this realm.

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