Published December 26, 2022 by tindertender

By Michelle Price


TIRED AND NEW FREQUENCES: The physical fatigue we are experiencing is due to the new intelligent electromagnetic frequencies arriving from the Central Sun. These are radically messing with our physical, emotional and spiritual structures. As if we were just a cell phone device connected to a battery of a huge ship. Lots of energy coming from the spiritual realm That being so, there is a need for stabilization.


MENTALLY: Vibrate in high resonance, preferably in the highest possible energy, the energy of gratitude, compassion, generosity, benevolence and mutual sharing of ideas. Avoid other people’s judgments, because we don’t really know what each of us went through in this life. Elevate thought to noble things, instead of continuing to share futile and terrible news that tend to multiply by television and social media. Do different, find good in people and situations, they exist but are being forgotten. Stop complaining and start giving thanks, gratitude is the energy that will shape the new world. When a bad thought comes, understand it and immediately neutralize it with another superior and positive, or expel it through simple mental technique. When a problem comes to your mind, transmute the information, immediately looking for a solution and focus on it. Change focus, find beautiful things in yourself, in your behavior, stop mutilating yourself energetically, for we all have good things and virtues.

PHYSICALLY: Doing calm and concentrated exercises, emitting at the same time good music, one that makes the hairs on your arm go shiver, as it is able to produce resonance with your spirit. Pay attention to inspirations as they come pure and simple, otherwise we fail to notice what is received or done at the exact moment when it arrives, we lose touch and the spirit takes to bring it back. Inspiration is something that your own spirit sends you, it’s not a third spirit or an amparador, it’s yourself in future manifestation and divine dimension trying to talk to yourself, your SUPERIOR SELF.

RELATIONSHIPS: You don’t need to yell at anyone anymore, your heart no longer supports shouting and arguments, it only wants harmony and understanding, the season of suffering is over, whoever still continues on this idea will go through great trials. If you must stand, stand and do what needs to be done.

WORK: Your spirit no longer wants to do what doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fulfill your life purpose. He is forcing you to enter with full force into your center of synergy, the one that is in tune with the forces coming from the Universe. If you don’t change or improve your relationship with your work, your life will become increasingly empty, even if you get a lot of money through it, none of that can give any real meaning to your existence from now on. Don’t worry about finding the new world, it’s not a place, but a frequency, a vibrational state in which everyone can be, if you so desire.

Author Unknown

Love and Light,
Michelle Price

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