Taking Responsibility

Published December 24, 2022 by tindertender

By Maryamhasnaa

When you show up in service to the world always balance your masculine and feminine energy.

When out of balance you either become the overbearing rescuer, stepping on people’s toes, or you become controlling.

Remember that our power comes from being in alignment with ourselves

When our power is disembodied we project it onto others. When we project it on others we demand them to become our savior. We then become disappointed when they do not save us from ourselves and our own illusions.

Often we feel actually quite powerless and helpless in creating change regarding bigger humanitarian issues & sources of harm in the world. We feel we have no access to direct our anger towards the aggressors themselves, the puppet masters and the elites who uphold these systems.

So instead we focus our frustrations towards the people we do have direct access to. The same ones we had given our power away to, had elected as our personal saviors, the ones we look up to. And we make them a proxy for our hopes, dreams and therefore fears and disappointments.

The irony of expecting others to do for you what you will not do for yourself. Owning your power is your own responsibility. And by power I mean internal power. Your connection to Creator, clarity, courage, presence, awareness, strength, wisdom, faith and resilience is your work.

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