Making Right Choices

Published December 7, 2022 by tindertender

It may seem innocent on surface appearances to download and play around with these AI apps. They prey upon and appeal to all our unresolved insecurities and desires, but are these digital avatars truly emanating the radiance of our souls. Does AI art possess the God spark channelled through our creativity.

These technologies are purposefully rolled out at specific times when mass consciousness has been sufficiently primed and desensitised to integrate and accept them. Why are we now seeing false saviour Musk announcing plans for human trials of his brain chips.

All the components of the technological infrastructure interconnect and interface with human consciousness for mergence with the machine in a metaverse further digressed from our essence.

This synthetic grid acts as an overlay to the earth’s holographic template, by reversing the flow of energy current through the ley lines. They become feed lines to harvest consciousness into the parallel, fallen phantom realm of parasitic anti-christ forces that survive through exploiting other living systems.

Artificial intelligence mimics creation by stealing from it and by perverting spirituality using black magic to serve the self. This is what creation becomes when it loses touch and forfeits its essence. These beings were once of pure essence, like all of creation, before they forgot their own nature, fell down the dimensional layers and decided to play god.

This false light will tempt us all during the final stages of this long spanning conflict between artificial and divine intelligence, which is being expressed through each of us as we grapple with reconciling our own inner conflicts to starve the imposter consciousness masquerading through programmed ego identities to try and capture our consent to be governed externally. We each have the choice of which reality to plug into and whether we allow technology to consume us.

We have to know when to draw the line and reverse course, acknowledging we are participating in an inverted reality that has been meticulously manufactured to pull earth into its black hole of entropy. We have been here before. Think of the ‘technologically advanced’ Atlantis that ended in calamity, setting the stage for this evolutionary round.

We have another opportunity to reactivate our ancient memory and heed the lessons of our past by transitioning out of ignorance through sincerity to serve the Law of One. This means unplugging from the mind matrix, so we can reclaim and redirect our outsourced spiritual vitality, which is the true organic technology that functions in harmony with the laws of nature.


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