What If …

Published November 24, 2022 by tindertender

By @Aradiant1899

What if the “Gold” the Annunaki came to harvest was never actual Gold?

What if the saying, “White hats & Black hats” NEVER meant Military or Politics (but was assumed)?

WHAT IF the 2 were working together because “Humans are TREES”?

IF Humans are TREES… then Humans who KNOW THE TRUTH about “Good & Evil” seem to be off limits from being eaten.

What if “Axis Mundi” is really the Nervous System AND THAT’S WHY THEY continue to fill you with fear?

What if God was water?

Oh My My… Adam had a LOT to say … Such a shame it was banned.

And it looks like Adam wasn’t the ONLY ONE who felt God was Satan… 🤔 And if Jesus is the TRUTH…

Hmmm… So then if there’s 2 sides to every story…what does the Serpent say?

Your TRUE Birthright is YOUR Divinity… Claim it. Don’t let the Rulers deceive you.

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