Published November 15, 2022 by tindertender

Written by Susan Marie

In the remembrance that all are One, the heart field of separation is lifted from our experience and we are brought into the awareness of the quantum field of Infinite love ❤️ where all is created.

In the lower energy field of the known earth, we can now recognize the power of the entanglement of energies in all that we are witnessing in the world.

We simply entangled energies and created from a lower vibration field as part of our experience in contrast.

All are gifted with the choice to lift beyond that field of creation in limitation, to the unlimited quantum field.

What is also true, is the interaction in the quantum field beyond the known between entangled quantum particles IS faster than the speed of light.

This is why some are experiencing a quickening as you let go of the lower world.

In the convergence of One heart, as all create together in the quantum realm, a great and powerful entanglement occurs in the infinite streams of Light.

This convergence is a pulsing flow of magnetic photon light that expands within Oneness that we feel within and all around us.

One can feel the strength and power of this magnetic Light of God in Christ Consciousness.

This is Sovereignty.

It is not a power in Sovereignty that the small self can achieve.

It is realized as One Sovereign Creator.

The place of creation in a united quantum field of love where “ALL IS POSSIBLE”.

Unlimited field of dreams.

When two or more are surrendered to this realm of photon light, the field of One Creator amplifies everything as itSELF in perfection, and “we” witness what have been called miracles or supernatural occurrences.

In this, it is God Consciousness creating as itSELF aware in the expression of “you”.

Leaving all created in the old vibration in limitation to allow the expression of love gifting itself in “your” experience on earth.

A substantial increase in the magnetic field and flow is then known. Seen.

Clarity abounds. Joy is felt. Movement in something magnificent is now here.

This energy of One united can move mountains as we “speak” (living Word) all into existence, trusting in its appearance.

It shall be done.

It is God Consciousness as “you” speaking life “through you” and “for you” in this quantum entanglement of adamantine particles.

Thy will be done, as it is in the heavens so shall it be on earth now, for us.


“Our mission… should you choose to accept it”…… to simply follow the instructions heard/known within, and align with that and know it shall be done.

Mission achieved.

Much love ❤️ to All that IS


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