Published October 29, 2022 by tindertender

“They” are limited. They cannot allow the full expression of a humans life force without purposefully keeping it in a constant state of flux.

Too much happiness causes humans to grow expansive. So there’s chaos, and war, and manipulation of consciousness, to keep the state of suffering alive.

Yes, they are limiting the expression of life for others, willingly, purposefully. Yet they want all the glory at the same time. And they need humanity to give it to them, rather than humanity claiming it for themselves. And so many do. Willingly “vote” for their “leader” or the commandeer of their lives, rather than accept their own rightful positions.

I for one wish to be my own boss … as my father puts it. Choosing my work every day on my own accord, living as I see fit and am capable of producing, without interference from so called commandeers. Living in peace, within a collective that knows how to barter and trade in their communities for what they need, rather than being sustained on wages from “rulers” in exchange for my time, my life.

It was once this way, and I foresee it will be this way again … for some of us.

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