On Purpose

Published October 30, 2022 by tindertender

Remember: Their response/reaction “to you” WILL affect everyone else. How do you choose to steer this?

How far do you suppose the human essence can expand outward, remaining intact, while touching everything?

Beyond our planet to others? Maybe even beyond that?

“I Am a connector of Worlds.”

Another world, another form, another density.

I don’t need to know the mechanics of it. It will move as one.

We all get a chance to “create” our surroundings. Peoples response to you WILL affect everyone else there in some fashion or other.

What surroundings are you wishing to spend time in? How will you interact with people in order to gain responses which will affect your surroundings in peace and joy and laughter? Even Love.

Pure, simple, no agenda but family … Love, Honor and Respect.

Every action gains a reaction. If the energy is used for negative, that is the echo, the reverberation, the response which will affect everything which surrounds the Doer, therefore forming the world the Doer creates for themselves.

Same as opposite. Energy used to create a positive response echoes, affects all others present, creating the reality of the Doer.

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