Published October 30, 2022 by tindertender

I turn off the floor lamp and walk around lighting the evening candles. I tell Alexa to play Solfeggio frequencies and stand in the middle of my living room. I begin to do stretches and bends, breathing deliberately, intently. My body warms, my tension lifts. The sage has filled the room with its Smokey aroma.

I look around. A voice inside me says, “ This is your life, what do you see?”

My eyes rest on every item around the room. Everything on the wall is attached to a memory, an event, a creation moment. Everything has meaning. I notice hearts everywhere, books galore, my totem pole right in my living room, and every treasured item.

Father Time; Love, friends, protectors, sacred items, significant intention and prayer. Candles lit in honor of the night, gentle glow, ease of mind.

I speak out my prayer, I am sincere and earnest. I ask to be led to the lesson in the situation, I desire to learn it and am eager to understand.

It seems time is of the essence. Old patterns and habitual scenarios must be eliminated.

All that hooks the attention and drags the pure energies fownward must be cast aside.

The health and progress of my own being in my own relation with Creator and All That Is must come first.

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