Collective Scars

Published October 30, 2022 by tindertender

Most of us have no way of seeing the emotional and energetic scars of others. The closest we can come is inwardly touching our own, remembering them, and then entertaining the possibility that those same scars may reside inside others, to a greater or lesser degree.

A person can appear healthy and whole and still be wearing these invisible scars.

I think if we considered our own suffering to be as another’s we might be more inclined to be gentle, rather than throwing fire.

Emotional wounds baffle the mind and blind the heart. It can inhibit the capacity to function normally, like drinking and driving.

1 trauma, ok, may bounce back. Even 2-5 traumas. But there comes a time when inner doors shut, at least temporarily, making communication and a gentle way with each other even more challenging.

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