History ~ Unlike Indoctrination

Published September 28, 2022 by tindertender

During the last cataclysmic reset, humanity experienced a complete memory wipe. Ancient knowledge of humanities origins were systematically erased from historical records, including destruction of the last remaining major world libraries, such as Alexandria, and the systematic eradication of indigenous cultures that had preserved the wisdom keys through their bloodlines and traditions. With no knowledge of the original angelic human DNA potential, humanity regressed into the dark ages.

Ancient builder race technology, which is our own consciousness – the inner technology, can be harnessed to build structures using the power of focused collective intent to transfigure subatomic energy. Many ancient megalithic structures were conjured into existence in this way, with such geometrical precision and harmonic resonance, that they served as inter-dimensional portals to the galactic system to promote individual and planetary ascension. All this worked in harmony with the laws of reality in a self sustaining way, and not through extracting energy from the living systems.

As we fell down the dimensional layers, reality became locked in a closed source system of finite energy supply. Human DNA regressed into a degenerative expression that resulted in physical death and soul recycling. The direct connection to the self sustaining source energy had been broken, which promoted physical self preservation through energy harvesting, living out our lower nature without honouring the natural laws and the interconnection of all life.

This disruption to the natural equilibrium sent a shockwave through the multidimensional system. For this reason, the fallen earth became a place of interest for many soul types from multiple star systems and other dimensional planes, who have been voluntarily incarnating to restore the integrity of the organic architecture.

By incarnating into a lower density, we would fall into amnesia until triggered back to awareness. It would then become necessary to transform the lower self to transcend ego consciousness and integrate our higher identities in order to transduce higher frequencies for regenesis of the corrupted DNA.

This helps to restore the corresponding stargates in the planetary field back to their function as ascension gateways. There needed to be a ground crew interfacing with the lower dimensions to undertake the repair work, positioned accordingly as acupuncture points in proximity to the energy centres that align with their mission. We each have our own unique mission that becomes more apparent and intuitive as we access deeper alignment with our higher self.

These lineages have been subject to hostile infiltration, often from a very young age, in an attempt to keep them disconnected from their mission blueprint. This could be early abduction experiences, that the individual may or may not consciously remember, astral infiltration, when awake or asleep, or satanic binding through sexual abuse, which keeps the subject identified with false ego identities and enslaved to their lower impulses through addiction webbing, due to soul fragmentation and astral cords running through the sacral complex.

Some souls will have known these probable outcomes when assigned their contract, and that they would need to be triggered back into self awareness. This activation is accelerating since the 2012 portal opened, granting easier access to our higher stations of identity to commune with the God worlds and guardian teams who are assisting planetary rehabilitation and ascension.

Once we have attained a certain level of consciousness and DNA activation, we secure our future timeline, transcending the personal will to fulfil our divine covenant to serve as an instrument for the divine will to facilitate others through their process with the embodied virtues of compassion and empathy. There can be no shortcuts or negative ego bargaining.


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