Sleep Paralysis

Published August 26, 2022 by tindertender

There are all kinds of things being said about sleep paralysis.

Here’s my experience.

I was sleeping, then became aware that I could not move.

I “willed” myself to sit up, then stand.

I then manifested a garden hose and sprayed the bed and room with water.

Those who burn when touched by living water do this trick of paralysis.

It’s a test of Wills, between the living and the dead.

Whether you Will yourself into movement, or pray and then receive release, it doesn’t matter the method.


Not all who appear to be living, are;

Not all who appear to be dead, are.

Claim your life force energy, gifted to you by the true Creator/God/King, and pass these tests … every time. And if you don’t pass it right away, keep trying. It’s school, it’s training, on strengthening the Will and it’s endurance.

Now is a good time to purchase room humidifiers. They will keep some of these ones at bay by moisturizing the air.

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