Human Powered Vehicles

Published August 26, 2022 by tindertender

Is this why they are pushing hybrid cars

They want to make us in to batteries, the internet of the bodies

This can be the transhuman agenda

A human–electric hybrid vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, or more specifically a hybrid human-powered vehicle, whose drivetrain consists of a human being and an electric motor/generator (and one or more electricity-storage device(s) such as a battery(ies) or ultracapacitor(s)).

This can be the agenda of the hybrid cars they want us to buy.

Make us in living batteries, think “plug in hybrid” is it the agenda that humans are to be plugged in.

What do you think if poor people get the offer of some rich and its possible to buy life energy.

They can remove your life energy this way and shorten your lifetime.

We do not consent





Notice from blog owner: We already are batteries. The old guard feasted on it personally. The new guard, if permitted, will utilize our body battery in a different way, one that will make people believe it’s better. But it’s still a harvesting of the human energy. I wish they’d just let us live with 100% of our inherent energy resources. If we use our energy to power a vehicle, it will drain our life force… in a different way than the old guard. Still, resulting in a drained human body.

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