Believe It Or Not

Published June 2, 2022 by tindertender

Just because I say it doesn’t make it so, unless of course you believe it does.

Some folks are satisfied with crumbs, all while calling it the whole cake.

Some folks steal cake rather than bake it themselves.

What does it matter?
The cycle ends.

The type of music we listen to is the “program” we most enjoy running through our essence. It can mean ensnarement into a particular vibration, or freedom from it.

Quick wit and quick action are very beneficial in this particular “Land O’ Plenty”.

How long is 3 days in “the Heavens”? How many of us are “Walking in the Valley of the Shadow of Death” right now? Come from other star systems to expose the workings of “death” to our otherworldly familial connections?

By “death” I mean those who squeeze the Life Force Essence from human, and otherwise, living, breathing physical and energetic forms, “batteries”.

You ever wonder why “human” life on this planet is so revered? We are essentially the Secret Service of the Universe. Hahaha. “Programmed” to remain small. But gathering intel, just the same.

Shout it out! Prayers Up! Conversations with unseen Guides, Guardians, Creator. Let them hear you. Tell them ALL about it.

The below art has me thinking of Light People and Shadow People. When we come together we are “brighter”. Which is why I believe certain Beings with too much power want to keep our relationships separate, desperately trying to stop this Light gathering.

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