A Vision

Published March 20, 2022 by tindertender

I saw human beings on their hands and knees. There was a hole in the ground near their head. Their head was being sucked down into the hole, their necks stretching away from their bodies, becoming elongated like the ostrich’s neck.

This is symbolic of the state of consciousness of most humans.

Pulled into the shadow, the inversion which keeps their minds in a state of suffering.

Sucked into the lower realms where not only the mind (consciousness) is hooked and violated, but the bodies become home for parasitic attachment.

Until people understand they are purposefully kept in this state, by the news they watch, the theater of conflict and suffering, they will remain in this state of suffering, anger, rage, hate, war, fighting.

It’s time to focus on the blockages of the energy system and clear them. The system of this matrix has kept the majority in the lower three chakras, root, sacral, solar plexus. (Fear, anger, shame, guilt, revenge, lust). The blockage keeps the energies from moving in flow to the heart, throat and crown chakras, the Sacred connection to the Divine.

Pull up the consciousness. See from a larger perspective. View the whole game board, not just what some show and report on, but the whole picture.

Who are the players? What is their history? What is the agenda? Who owns the gates, including the human gates, portals walking? Who possesses the power? The control? Who is the dominator?

The war isn’t external. It is about the energies of the human being, and the control manipulation of it offers the puppet masters, the governing system. It’s thievery of the supply of Primordial Light of Source Creation dwelling in each …. who controls this energy, controls the populace, and it is done through manipulation. Manipulation of the sleeper mind, in the dark, dark hole of suffering.

Free yourself.

Start by shutting off the te-LIE-vision.

This portion of Source Creation IS you, claim it, do not let another posses and control it.

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