Grasping At, Or Flowing With?

Published February 27, 2022 by tindertender

People in general think if they are not grasping, reaching for, or forcing into existence something in their life, it won’t happen.

Flowing with life is key.

There was a time I grasped at life. I’d gain a little, (in relationship or material item) trying to hold onto it, but like always, it would be taken from me … people would leave, items would be stolen, or ruined by another …

Heartbreak would shatter my soul when love would leave.

My trust and faith in humanity would shrivel every time someone would steal from me, or destroy something I loved, or needed (like a vehicle).

But then I made friends with my exes, and I determined love was still there.

I also chose to believe that an other simply needed what I had more than I, obviously they were in a more desperate place where they believed that stealing would answer their needs. Others would intentionally destroy something close to my heart, just to try and cause suffering in me, and it worked.

I learned to release what flowed away from me, rather than chase it, or get emotionally bent over it.

If it flows, it will be held in the hand, in the personal experience, for a time … then it will flow out again, being filled once more with the next set of experience.

Like a cupped hand held under running water from a tap of sorts, the water fills the cupped hands, and then flows out, but the flow keeps coming, filling the hands.

It’s the tightening up, the clenching of, the must have it mentality, that shuts the flow off, and lack is experienced.

The lesson is …. Flow and Release, hold gently that which is with you for a time.

Let it go when it shifts.

Abundance will come if we relax into it.

Abundance may appear to be nothing, it could be love, or peace, or comfort, or delightful nourishment. It doesn’t need to be so big everyone in the vicinity notices it.

Abundance resides in the heart.

I’m now in a situation where I need to consciously and purposefully release items that have collected over the years. My flow permitted abundance to grow.

Now it is time to release, so the NEW can flow into my open cup.

This releasing business, if it is not done willingly, will be forced, for the Divine wishes for us to be in Flow. It is the only way to BE in the collective, and until Flow and Release is learned, there will still be the lessons to teach it, to add to the experience of it.

Graduation from the lesson does not happen until the lesson is learned.

Then the next lesson can begin.

Some folks are real badasses who decided to take on multiple lessons at once, and probably feel like the whole world is caving in on them at times … but that’s because they are so capable they chose the most challenging experience, to get the most out of this life.

If you are one of these, You Got This … and deep down, you know it.

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