Freedom and Gratitude

Published February 8, 2022 by tindertender

Freeing my parents from the feeling that I’ve been let down.

I free my children from the claim that they must live to make me proud.

Let them go the way of the joy of their heart.

Let them follow their intuition & follow their dreams.

Relieving my partner from the obligation to complement my integrity.

I lack nothing, I am constantly learning along with all beings.

Thank you to my grandparents & ancestors who met so that I could breathe life into today.

I free them from past setbacks & unfinished desires, knowing that they’ve done what they can to live their life’s circumstances to the fullest.

I honor, love & recognize them as free beings without any guilt.

I expose my soul in front of their eyes so they know I have nothing more to hide or owe, besides being true to myself & my own existence by following the wisdom of my heart.

I am fulfilling my life plan, without the consent of my family.

I know that I’m responsible for my peace & happiness alone.

I give up on the role of a savior who unites or meets the expectations of others.

I learn through love & only through love.

Therefore, I honor my essence & thrive on my being & its manifestations, even if others may not understand me.

I understand myself because only I am living my story.

Because I know myself, I know who I am, what I feel, what I do & why I do it.

I honor myself, love myself & accept myself without guilt.

I honor, love & accept you without guilt.

Honoring the divine in me & you.

We are free…

Prayer from the 7th century of Aztec language Nahuatl.

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