Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live

Published November 23, 2021 by tindertender

If we detach something from its source too soon, trying to force it to become what it is not yet ready or willing to become, we can unintentionally sap it of its strength and kill it. There is a dark wound in the consciousness of humanity which demands perfection and denies process. If you are thinking of publishers before you have even written the book, if you are comparing your unfinished song idea to the latest best-selling pop release, if you have decided you are not good enough or worthy enough to succeed before you’ve given it everything you’ve got and asked for divine help, then this dark wound has you in its grasp.

You have to let go of the death-grip of perfectionism and let yourself and your ideas live. Love is abundant, creative and inspiring. It moves us so much more joyously and creatively than fear. Honor the path of your own love – what inspires you, what feels exciting, joyful and perhaps even rather different? Let that live! Release the dark wounding of false belief. There are countless stories of vastly successful artists who very nearly binned the project that was making their career, because of the despair fostered by their own dark nature. They doubted. They were uncertain. Was their work any good? Was it useless? They struggled to believe in the right of a work to come to life, whether it was accepted, revered or rejected by others or not. They nearly lost their work to fear. Undoubtedly there have been many times when this has actually happened, and the work was not saved, not allowed to live. Do not let this happen to you. Whether something is meant to be a commercially-oriented venture or a more personal creation for your own therapeutic healing, it must be allowed to be, without judgement, without criticism, even without premature evaluation. It must be allowed to be what it is, and only time, love, patience and attention will reveal it.

Act on this immediately so that your path can continue under the protection of grace and wisdom.

Healing process ::
Say the declaration below out loud three times. Be in your heart and really feel what you are expressing.
I now choose of my own free will to release all cellular memories and belief systems based in the dark wound of criticism, judgement, shaming and fear, so that my creative, loving energy may thrive in a nourishing environment conducive to growth. Through all time and space, through all dimensions of my being, through unconditional love, so be it.

Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Sacred Rebels oracle by Alana Fairchild

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