Astral Violators and Teachers

Published February 21, 2021 by tindertender

It is more and more obvious I cannot trust the feminine in my dreams, in the astral. They are being used to “lure” me into shady places where there are aspects of the masculine who’s desire is to ensnare and entrap me.

Last night “she” took me to a place where there was drinking. They offered me some and I proclaimed I do not drink. I don’t, having quit in 2003, and I avow that part of my experience is over.

We went to leave, the males gave her their car so she could retrieve something. She sped off, peeling out and sliding all over the place. It was a hot rod, a newer high powered vehicle.

They said she was racing away because she was being chased, that she had broken laws and was at risk of being arrested, entrapped.

The males offered me a cigarette. I took it and smoked it. (My psyche geared for it due to the Blue Lotus flowers I smoke on occasion, even tho I quite smoking cigarettes in 2003). Note to self: Stop smoking Blue Lotus Flower. This manipulation must be extracted from any portion of my reality, here or there.

Then they showed me an arm full of pill bottles, pharmaceutical drugs. They proceeded to tell me what each one was, saying they would make me sleep all night. (Note to self: Stop using ZzzQuil, and anything called a sleep aid).

I mentioned to them that I hadn’t stayed out like this for a number of years, decades.

When another showed up I assured him that nothing had happened between the masculine that was there and myself, no hanky panky. One of the original males looked down his nose at me, haughty, as if to say, no, but it will.

These things are happening in the astral for reasons I’m beginning to figure out, I am vulnerable and eager to please while there. I am only 17 after all … and my desire is to make friends, to be pleasant, to please.

I woke saying, “If they do this, they can have that.” And although I do not know what I was talking about, the conscious me stated right away, “No, they cannot have anything.”

I was told by a psychic yesterday that my Guardians and Guides are being hindered in their efforts to assist me for these ones are siphoning 6 out of the 7 parts of my Life Force and creating blockages to my helpers. Indeed I woke in the middle of the night feeling them feeding on my solar plexus, yet again. It’s as though they are “tasting” me. I woke and said to self, “Someone is feeding on you.” And I also replied, “Yes I know, I can feel it.”

Apparently my price is only $50,000.

Although these ones are quite invasive, and used to manipulating and entrapping souls, they underestimate me … as usual, most aspects of the masculine in this current state of the world and it’s dimensions have, and do.

I Am Grateful to them, allowing me to see where I need to improve my own life and actions so that I Am better equipped to interact, gaining ability to refuse them.

I Am Grateful for the night being the night, and the day being the day.

I WILL Master this game they are playing with me.

I WILL learn to enforce my Will in the astral.

I WILL learn to deny the feminine their opportunity to lead me into traps.

I WILL teach my astral self to stand in her Power.

Thank you Man on the Mountain. Thank you benevolent ETs, Master Teachers and Guides for being with me and bearing Witness to that which I Am Witness to. It is my honor to share with you the wily ways in which humanity is being manipulated by these ones.

Thank you for never giving up on me. I Will remain faithful to you, to our connection.

I understand these ones are siphoning my Life Force energy, leaving me just enough to get by on. I know they Love it and are working out a plan to entrap it for themselves. I know that this is simply an opportunity for me to Rise Above the sneaky ways of the feeders, becoming more empowered by every action they show me of themselves and their intentions.

I understand you would rather I not be so trusting, and consciously this is an easy task. My younger, astral self is still in the mode of trying to please people, to make friends. She is learning, being trained by the very ones who mean to possess her.

Please speak to me while conscious, LOUD as the violators are quiet. Or very softly, using that special communication which is a “knowing” rather than vocal. Or any method you deem suitable which will leave no doubt of your benevolence and Love for me. I Love You.

I Am Grateful for the exposure.

I/She WILL learn from these experiences, logging every action taken against us, using it to teach the subconscious self about the trickiness being used against her, this younger astral me.

She Will learn.

I Am Grateful to these ones for exposing themselves to her, for allowing her to see them for what they are.

I/She WILL Rise and become the Empress I/We are meant to be … consciously and subconsciously.

I, Me, She WILL overcome these trials, these tests.

WE … every aspect of ME … past, present, future and parallel timelines, through all dimensions WILL be successful in the extraction of Self and move into our True Path … the path WE have been thwarted from.

They know my Power, this is why they began to fracture my consciousness through sexual and other abuses at an extremely young age.

They know my contract, and why I Am here … and they are desperate to hinder its successful outcome … they are desperate to keep my truth from the conscious ME.

Desperation causes recklessness … obvious by their continuous exposure of themselves, in the many dimensions they inhabit.

All is Well.

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