RELEASE YOUR BURDENS, and WHO and WHAT we ARE (above Majestic)

Published February 17, 2021 by tindertender

When you know you are just, never back down from the truth and oppose all who seek conformity to their dogmatic ideologies.

Define dogma.
The species human is a carefully engineered vessel by hundreds of races who have spent millions of years perfecting the medium to experience LIGHT in. Humans are not lying shitty biological computers. They are infinite light beings having a human experience. Life’s hard for many… Because infinite light is immediately attacked and bombarded with mind control technology (medical, entertainment, books, music, songs, etc.) that do not allow a newly welcomed IS-BE on Earth to discover their IS-BE before being responsible for making life decisions. Not everybody evolves at the same time, and nor is it in our interest to violate their free will to live a life of ignorance. The path to self enlightenment and ultimately Majestic Reality lies within. We only need a critical mass, and others will follow due to human nature. We only need a small subsection of the population aware for the operation to succeed.

Prepare yourself mentally for the heightened state of consciousness that will be required in order to survive. Many people on Earth today who have this “calling” are actually “star seeds” (light based life forms) from other planets who came to Earth many decades ago to “help.” Estimates are between 700,000 – to 2,000,000 total souls. This is our “subsection” as stated earlier. We have it.

Illuminati original purpose was to disclose true LIGHT as they saw it. First you must see the light in order to describe it. What you create is of your own creation. Truth is within. Free will and logic allow us to create with our hands and use tools. Why? To grow. Develop.

LIGHT beings consciousness existence as an IS-BE is confusing by design. It is to teach and learn. Out of human curiosity, there MUST be more than “this”. So God was born. So Dogma is born. So Destruction is born.

God is within. God is your IS-BE. Your subconsciousness. LIGHT.

Anthropomorphizing the LIGHT consciousness within you that IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE discredits the accomplishment of your own LIGHT/Pure Love and separates your consciousness to your subconscious. This makes you vulnerable to be controlled.

Introduce Dogma.
The path of self enlightenment begins when you realize that all in the material realm is an illusion created by chaos, and true balance in ones own life comes from how they perceive their own consciousness. “Forgive them Father for they know not who are they are.” Father? IS-BE? Your soul must forgive your avatar’s experience if you learn who you are.

Your IS must be independent from your BE.

The IS-BEs of those who knew they were wrong live among us now. Acceptable? Judgement only comes from within. You are an IS-BE.

Immortal = Time is an Illusion
Spiritual = Theology/Philosophy
Biological = 3D/Science/Life
Entity = Instance
Your Instance is your Ego.
Who others define you to be.
It is who they see in photos.
It is who they think they are communicating with.
Judgement only comes from within.
Therefore… hear the opinion.
Accept that they believe it.
Forgive them for they know not.
Low vibration states thrive on negative words and fear mongering.
High vibration allows to them pass through

Think Force Field
The force field represents a barrier of frequency around a subject. Akin to high vibrations allowing negative vibrations to pass through them unimpeded the state of holding onto high vibration is proportional to a force field. Hollywood always over exaggerates w/ special effects.

The path of self enlightenment begins when you realize that all in the material realm is an illusion created by chaos and true balance in ones own life comes from how they perceive their own consciousness.

Knowledge is also Light and Darkness is eventually “just” the absence of light. So you are the Pathshowers for people to follow through the darkness. We are all multiplicators of the light and the love and there is no coincidence that we have come together here. In our exchange of thoughts, emotions and words we create the light-grid around the globe and we all together hold the vibrations and “hold the lines”.

All three very important

Your energy is igniting. Its been a long road, getting to this fantastic phase in this avatar.

Source: Karina

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