The Mind

Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

From a perspective, problems don’t exist. It is when the mind decides that it is a problem that creates a problematic experience. Problems are in a way created by the observer who puts itself into making something a problem. This is the nature of a polarized state of mind.

We are the instrument of ourselves.

Allow your awareness to dissolve into nothingness and witness the actuality of what IS.

The only one that can rock your boat is you, and the only one that can make your boat still is you. You are all that exists.

To be in the observer state towards the mind is to be in the observer state towards the world, because the mind is the world and the world is the mind.

If the world didn’t exist, how would you be? What would your mind be like? This question allows you to discover your origin state, before you knew anything at all, before the world became your mind, before your vessel was born at all. Let go of everything and return.

There is always so much more beyond what you have experienced.

If there is infinite experiences of infinite kinds, then that means there are infinite ways to know ourself, which also means we barely know the entirety of ourselves.

Mastering neutralness within yourself is priceless. If you can be neutral towards all within, you will go beyond everything.

For example, let’s say you have some kind of uncomfortable feeling, instead of viewing it as bad, be neutral towards it. You can even alchemize it and make it something you see as good, no matter what it is.

Flow with the ocean, with no resistance. Be one with the flow of life.

Master the uncomfortableness by being comfortable with being uncomfortable, embrace it fully, become one with it! Do this by mastering the ability to remain completely calm, in which is also done through detachment and being centred within. Unleash your SUPER self 😜

You are the master of yourself, you are the master of your reality. KNOW THIS.

The greatest part of self love is being able to say “I love being me!”


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