Published January 5, 2021 by tindertender

I am aware of serious trespasses against humanity.

When I speak of them to the telepathic community, I am warned to “be careful of what I say”.

I spoke of sexual trespasses in the astral … mild at first. Yet when I spoke of them, they increased in severity. They want to let me know just how powerless they wish me to believe myself to be.

It is true, I cannot stop them currently from hypnotizing and raping me in the astral. They completely usurp the WILL of the human … they have no honor or respect for the womb of creation.

Those who are having sex in the astral, fantasizing it to be their soulmate or twin flame … this is a fantasy. They are tasting your essence, feeling your Source Power, deciding whether or not they want it, whether they wish to BUY it.

There is “someone”, an aspect of dominat masculine from the future who actually is selling the divine femine to those in other dimensions.

They are here to “protect” their domination factor of the future.

They intend to squash the integrity and strength of the femine, even further.

The Divine Feminine must rise and demand they not be abused in these ways, in the physical AND in the astral.

I was visited by a sister in the astral who was about to be married. She told me that this aspect of the masculine hurts her, and he knows he does. She was in a hurry because she was purchased and forced into this marriage.

Many aspects of the masculine are tasting the sensations of the feminine here.

One of them actually said, “We have a live one here! How much?”

Do not be fooled.

They intend to OWN you, to manipulate and suppress you.

I wish my sisters weren’t so naïve.

I wish my brothers weren’t as well, and that they had capacity to rise and protect us.

Sadly, it is WE who must protect ourselves.

These dominators have no power without inducing hypnotism, fear, and pain into the body and mind of the human.

On a PAR … they stand no chance.

You know who the weak are simply by the amount of manipulation they must employ to remain in control.

They would not receive a following if they were up front and honest, transparent in all ways.

The humans inner core, their Soul knows …

Stand up for your Soul.

They might steal it … but isn’t that better than freely giving it to them?

This is YOUR essence.

YOU generate this power, this beautiful energy that so many long to posses, maniupulate and control.

Yes, we are not as nothing … otherwise, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to own us, to possess us … our Power, and the connection we have to the Kingdom of God …

The Kingdom of God which is within us.

The Kingdom of God they have no capacity to reach, without us.

If they can OWN humanity, they effectively own the Kingdom of God.

Please be aware this vaccine they are pushing onto humanity will remove you from the Kingdom of God. It will delete your Power and stifle your strength … making you vulnerable and weak, easily recyclable when it comes to rebirth … easily manipulated to provide emotional loosh for those who feed in this way.

Think about your life.

How many heartbreaks you’ve suffered. How many times you cried out loud with every fiber of your being … ya … they were feeding on you then, and that is their plan for you in the next life, their plan for WE.

You mean to say life is a choice we agreed to experience? Perhaps, but not without expert manipulation. And the manipulation continues, on and on … while we crazily trust … and believe in goodness.

I, for one, do not appreciate dominant masculine coming here from the future to USE the divine feminine to protect their masculine dominant future. I feel they should just live with the future they created in the first place, and leave the Creator Wombs be … free.

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