Occult Intruder

Published December 20, 2020 by tindertender

An intruder of the masculine came at me in the astral and “sucked” my soul …. energy was drawn out and with it tears in the eyes. It’s like he pulled on my Sacred innards.

I woke immediately upon the sensation of it.

Isn’t it strange how Sourceless Beings call humanity “feeders” when it is they themselves, in partnership with their ET friends, who actually feed upon humanity?

Everything the Sourceless beings and their gods say is a reflection of themselves.

They teach us these backwards ways, teach us to wear their true reality as if it were our own.

It is not ours.

It is a mirage.

And it’s time to wake up.

The planetary harvest is real.

Humanity is viewed as a commodity …

By those who feed on Divinity.

The WE

They are using many aspects of humanity to lure those who are unsuspecting, trusting, easily swayed.

Oh yes, they are very good at pretending to be light.

They know what it is, they’ve been feeding on it for a very long time.

Yet, they cannot generate it on their own.

They require it as food.

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