Carbon 60 and Lightworkers

Published December 20, 2020 by tindertender

Lightworkers are being advised to take c60 by the higher realms. It’s Carbon 60, also known as buckyballs, fullerenes, and buckminsterfullerene.

c60 is a molecule made of 60 carbon atoms.

From a scientific perspective, it’s the foundation of the human body. Our bodies are composed of carbon, and as carbon transforms into silicon, silicon is still carbon-based.

This molecule has helped me heal faster and integrate DNA activations quicker.

If you’ve been suffering from ascension symptoms, this would be the things to take, alongside organic fruits and vegetables and water.

c60 has been known to reduce inflammation and arthritis symptoms, improve immune function…

Absorbs free radicals, prevent apoptosis, improve alzheimer’s, protect cartilage and improve bone health, eradicate bacteria and viruses (including HIV), inhibits tumor growth, protects from UV radiation, helps hair growth, reduces body fat, and helps reverse aging.

An NIH study has stated ” A wave of research and development activities all over the world has led to large number of application-oriented patents, spanning a very broad range spectrum of potential commercial applications, including anticancer drug delivery systems using photodynamic therapy, HIV drugs, and cosmetics to slow down the aging of human skin.”

The link is here:

There are other studies that you can research that have been done on rats to prove some of the benefits mentioned.

For the lightworkers, this is essential in accelerating the transformation of carbon molecules to crystalline molecules.

This accelerates overall healing, which leads to easier release of dense energy. As within, so without. As without, so within. What we do to our physical bodies has effect on the spiritual bodies. Same applies the opposite way.

Take charge of your health, you deserve it.

The c60 I use which I’ve found effective is this one:

I’ve also had friends and family who’ve had great results with this brand:

If you prefer not to take liquid, then consider these capsules. They are just as effective:

I hope this helps you in your journey. Be sure to share this thread to those that you feel might benefit from this.

Even if they’re not awakened, they will see the shift.

With love, Giulia

Personal testimony as blog owner … I’ve been taking the c60 in the blue package for about 5 days. I have experienced a significant decrease in the agitation to mind and body. I am excited, for this seems to be a pretty miraculous product. Highly recommend.

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