Subtle Manipulator

Published December 8, 2020 by tindertender

Many are being “steered” into new ways of thinking.

With sweetness … Quote “Ladies, you are beautiful. There’s no need for you to spray paint your face or hair with the colors of the rainbow. Easy with the cosmetics.”

When I was young, I tried out makeup. My step father at the time told me I was so beautiful already I did not need it … I stopped practicing putting make-up on.

The same tactics are being used right now, to shape the way a woman thinks of herself, the way she treats herself.

Now, it is true … women are so beautiful they need no make-up or rainbow colored hair … but sometimes rainbow colored hair is fun … who is to tell us it is not, or that we ought not have it once in awhile?

Quote “Do you feel like your life is out of control, everything’s falling apart? Truth is your soul is taking over the steering wheel. What’s unfolding now is the will of your soul. All things which would hinder your growth during this process, are being eliminated from your reality.”

All things which would hinder your growth are being eliminated from your reality ….
What’s unfolding now is the will of your soul …

YOUR soul is not doing this. Those who USURP your soul, are. Yet they’ll tell you it is free will choice that YOU are making on a subconscious level. They’ll attempt to make you believe the changes being made are your decision, but they are not.

YOUR decision is in how you respond to the changes being made.

We really have no choice in the matter of change. You know this already by the way life has moved you around, without consent.

Sure, we can believe whatever we like. We can choose to believe we are a co-creator, and in essence we are, but in many instances, not a conscious and willing partner. Our energies are being utilized to make the changes on a global AND personal scale … subliminal messaging and sweet talk will mold us into a belief that we are at choice ….

Choice about the change is not ours.

Choice on how we respond to the change IS.

Manipulation is one of my pet peeves. Sweet talkers who tell you what you want to hear, leading you down a certain path of thought, getting you to believe that thought is yours … well, there are some very good manipulators out there right now.

They know how to use the sugar, and they know how to shock you out of your comfort zone, recreating you.

I was blessed to be exposed to some of the best of them in my life.

People need someone to tell them how to think, what to do, how to behave, who to be ….

This is proven by the massive amount of followers on some of these social media accounts who do just that.


Being sweet talked onto a certain path.

The main purpose of this is to reformat you into a being that is more acceptable by the manipulators.

To take away your individuality, to make you subservient.

You may say, they care!

Of course they care. They care about the end product that they will wind up with as wives … as child bearers … as sex puppets …. toys for the manipulation and control of the ‘masters’.

Some speak of astral sex like its a choice. HA!! They say it starts telepathically before it is felt on the skin … yes, I know, I get that too. But it does not start with me telepathically calling it in … no, they just appear, and do as they will. Saying “no” does not make it stop. They feel they own you … and right now many are being auditioned for the position of sex toy … many aspects of the masculine in the astral will “try you out”. Try to tell them to stop … see how well that works for you. You might say, “I don’t want it to stop, it feels good.” Yes, I know … but try to exert your will over the situation, see how much they respect you … they don’t.

You want purple hair? GET IT.

You want to be sassy? BE IT.

You want to adorn yourself? DO IT.

You want to be in charge of your life? LIVE IT.

When someone else reformats you, they have the right to claim you.

Build yourself as you wish to be … NOT as another wishes you to be.

We all ought to be very familiar with the manipulators techniques by now. If not, well, many will have to learn the hard way, just as I did.

Remember, the techniques of controlling others is subtle. They’ll mold your mind into the belief that it is your decision … as seen above, telling you … “What’s unfolding now is the will of your soul …”


It is the will of those who intend to take over and become your masters, your ‘captors’ … and they’ll make you like it, or make you suffer if you refuse to go along with it, by turning very nasty.

My hope is that discernment and the inner eye starts to shine brightly upon those who mean to commandeer your life and mind, your very consciousness … your god self.

You ARE the Force, AND the Source of Power they need to survive and mold realities.

The Life Force that is like Gold to the ones who long to possess you.

Sexual energy is one of the most potent. These ones feed on that energy … hence the trials, the tests in the quiet of the night, to see just how sensitive you are, and how powerful your sexual energy is.

It is YOUR energy.

YOU created it, YOU nurture it, YOU developed it.

It is YOURS to share with whom you CHOOSE.

Not just any joe shmo who sneaks up on you in the unseen and makes you feel good.

They’re FEEDING on you.

The “latest thing” because we are being auditioned.

Control your sex, control your life.

It is not easy … it seems near impossible … but I’ll keep trying. I hope you will do the work necessary to take charge of your sex, and who you share it with also … in the seen, an nowadays, in the unseen. Try to say no to these midnight advances from the unseen. You will not be able to. We must exercise our Will.

Unconditional Love is NOT sex.

Some are being referred to as an “appetizer”.

They view us as no-thing more than cattle … a source of “soul” food. Life Force.

What a bunch of Pigs.

I love Me.

I love my Sisters.

And this is not okay.

You refuse their advances, you tell them they are not welcome, they threaten to ‘recycle’ you. This is not about love, it’s about dominance. They are not looking for a fighter … only those who submit to their invasive presence.

You may be believing you are special. That this ‘love’ is real. It is not. They are simply very good at manipulating your senses … sorry to be the one to tell you …. to them, you are no more partner material than the rock at your feet. You are food. Soul food. Sexual Energy food. That’s it. And they do not like it when their ‘food’ resists.

Acts 10:34
“Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that ‘God’ is no respecter of persons”

Primal Source is IN you and all AROUND you … it IS you. The one claiming to be god, and those with him, do not care about you, only that which your life force provides.

Claim your Sovereignty.

I’ve requested they prove to WE they aren’t just a bunch of “feeders”. We’ll see what they do … or continue to do.

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