Oracle Reading 12-8-2020

Published December 8, 2020 by tindertender

Now is a time of loving, of healing. Service to others is emphasized at this time – perhaps finding new ways to heal the planet or your own community. Of course, you won’t be able to help others unless you are healthy, so take care of yourself too!

It is time for you to examine all the evidence – see things from a different perspective. Quit blaming others, Fate, and bad luck; take responsibility for your actions. You stumbled all by yourself, now laugh and learn the lesson.

You may need to defend the principles you say you believe in … be prepared to stand up for what you say you believe. It is time to “walk your talk”. You my need to get your feelings out … cry, blow your top, bare your teeth … you’ll feel better once you let go. Turn your anger into passion for the work at hand. Get to the bottom of things, assimilate everything you need to know for healing.

Learn to bend if the need arises. Overcome mental barriers and obstructions so that you may subdue enemies without and within.

Give to the world what you have to offer. Let it flow, go with the seasons. Look around you for old souls, old friends, and old loves. Prosperity is part of your path.

Your abilities to concentrate are enhanced. The positive aspects of your personality are being amplified, encouraging optimism and trust.

This is the end of a cycle. Now is the time for transformation. Much has been ravaged. It is time to remove restrictions and to go beyond your normal abilities and develop your metaphysical skills. Look to past knowledge, events, and lives for new understandings, ultimate realities, and wisdom. Be poetic but do not forget to laugh at the world and yourself.

Breaking down barriers ….

Reading from the deck “Shaman Wisdom Cards” created by Leita Richesson

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