Mass Meditation 11-11-2020

Published November 10, 2020 by tindertender

As we prepare to come together for the mass meditation this Wednesday, know that the more people take part in this, the higher the probability, the greater the speed at which we manifest that which we desire.

The powerful emotions, the high frequency thoughts, your soul light, the collective energy behind the intent, YOU, stand to uplift Earth and humanity into a whole new reality. You are a beacon of light, a portal, a vortex, a Creator of worlds of peace and love.

New York, USA 11:11am

Chicago, USA 10:11am

California, USA 8:11am

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1:11pm

London, UK 4:11pm

Berlin, Germany 5:11pm

Beijing, China November 12th 12:11am

Tokyo, Japan November 12th 1:11am

UPDATE: Our unified efforts according to the Schumann resonance.

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