Meditation Requests

Published October 15, 2020 by tindertender

Last night during meditation I asked to be connected with my Soul Tribe ~ those beings who are of the same frequency as myself.

I travelled to a facility where we were all working in the clothing line … packaging it all up, getting it ready to ship to differing distribution points.

I had a conversation with a woman (more like, I expressed an opinion) about the construction of a woman’s bra. She was not interested (understood by the look she gave me) and moved away from me with another woman without really engaging in the conversation.

Obviously, not my soul tribe.

Astral travels are intriguing in how they construct themselves.

I’ll keep meditating on it. Perhaps some day I’ll meet folks who care to have a conversation with me, without looking at me as though I’m an annoyance to them.

Or perhaps these ones simply don’t like newcomers … haha, wouldn’t it just be the case. Too similar to these days in the physical … every one suspicious of the other.

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