The Time Is At Hand

Published October 9, 2020 by tindertender

The world is in chaos
Natural disasters abound
The world is in chaos
Just look around

The time is upon us
The time is at hand
When mighty warriors
Will once again roam our land

They are keepers of stories
Legends rituals and myths
They walk amongst us
They live in our midst

They come to awaken
The Great Spirit within us
To help form a new world
Filled with Peace, Freedom and Justice

Petty jealousies, prejudices all put aside
In peace, love, understanding We would all abide
Living in harmony and love With all mankind
Strength and beauty in prayer

Together we’ll find Their thoughts are pure
Caring for our needs
Shown by their warmth
And their unselfish deeds

Our children once again
Learn respect for Mother Earth
Lands, forests birds and animals
Experiencing rebirth

Earth Medicine for all they say
Friends, sisters and our brothers
Must become a way of life
To care for one another

We need leaders today
And here’s just a thought
How about some with wisdom
That’s been earned and not bought

Who have courage and love
Understanding of people
For a world filled with peace
Not merely survival

A little ditty by Envisage

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