Oracle Reading 8-29-2020 a.m.

Published August 29, 2020 by tindertender

You can overcome the fear of not being able to achieve, and be free to fly above present difficulties.

You’re beginning to realize that you can do it. You’re up there and on your way!

This is the inner voice of wisdom, the ability to trust the intuitive messages from within.

Your mind is able to flow effortlessly on your spiritual journey. Your resulting actions are spontaneous and appropriate in all situations. You’re true to your inner self, clean and pure. You give credit where it’s due and don’t sit in judgement of others. Rather, you rejoice in their successes.

We must remember the boundary between our unbridled passions and the Higher Self.

You’re emotionally steady and not following your passions headlong into lustful entanglements. You have the ability to steer your passions in an artful way without consuming others with your fire.

You have a boundary between the darker stormy levels of consciousness and the clear state of mind. Stay clear.

You must stay calm in the face of irritation, wash away the stains of upset, and stay on course through the storms of life.

The Guardian King of the East is with you, playing gentle music on his lute, which soothes the angry mind and brings calm to the world.

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