Sub-Thoughts in Mind

Published August 23, 2020 by tindertender

What does it sound like in your head? Do you talk to yourself a lot? Thinking on overload?

You’ve heard, most likely by now, of the “angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other” saying do this, or no, don’t do that.

Are you aware tho, that the many who would have you commit error are also using your own voice? They mimic your voice and implant thoughts into your mind. You think it is your own thought, but it is not.

You have these implants, these thought forms, and you feel shame that they would even be in your mind, certain they are your own thoughts … after all, it sounds like your voice.

You may carry out a deed, thinking it your own desire. Most often it is not you … it is the tempter … swaying you. They have millennia of practice, they are very good at what they do. Hooking minds.

Personally, I have caught on to this bullshit. When I have a thought form that does not align with my heart, I reject it, knowing bullshit artists are working magic, hoping to get lucky.

The key here is knowing what is in your heart. The innermost portions of your soul. Your intuition speaks quite clearly should you listen … it’s the center, your solar plexus, your heart space … the seat of you.

The inner work must be done, investigating the tiniest details of your triggers, what is making you tick, finding out why you feel this or that way, removing blockages, visiting past hurts, forgiving others … controlling your emotions rather than being controlled by them. It starts with the inner knowing.

When you begin rejecting thought forms that are not in alignment with who you believe yourself to be, the attack will increase, it will be tough to continue rejecting the thought form. Hold sway … this is your life. Command it.

People in body will be influenced to certify the implant, they will goad you, coax you … know they are being manipulated by those who are out of body, or those who inhabit the aethers. Those closest to you are not actually the ones who hurt you most … they are being manipulated, unknowingly by those working hard, doing shady deals in the unseen … the occult, if you will.

This does not mean you stay and take it, for they will use the situation to wear you down … you see, it is you they want to stop, for it is you who carry true power.

You will be told to “be careful of what you say” to shrink, because others will be triggered by you. You will be coaxed into disrespecting your own voice, to stifle the stream of thought forms you do generate on your own. To stop the progress of standing in your own authority. To slow the flow that brings you into your true self … the desire by the unseen is to manipulate you through any miens necessary, and that includes manipulating those closest to you, using them to enforce the implant … the implant they too have received.

Once you recognize this truth, the dreams will start. Nightmares even. Threatening. You may even become telepathic, and be told you’re going to hell for being a bad person by someone claiming to be god.

Fear tactics … the greatest tool of a manipulator.

I’ve been told by a few of my closest relations that they have to hang up the phone or end a conversation because I “hurt their head” … they’ll tell me I’m not thinking right, that I’m wrong … they are being manipulated into trying to stifle my flow, to cause me to shrink and become unsure of self. It is sad, for when I put my foot down and say they do not have the authority to tell me what is right or wrong for me, I see the confusion on their faces …. a tell tale sign that they are manipulated.

I will not have any of the manipulations. There are those who choose to remain distant from me now that they know they are not able to control my output, my thought processes, and this is fine.

Feel for them. Love them … from a distance if you need to … I do … I greatly do love them all … but I will not allow a constant barrage of degradation against my own person, and I will not allow another to tell me what I should or should not think … not unless I personally invite the lessons, asking for the truth, desiring a teaching.

I think a lot. I always have. There are many in the aethers who listen and attempt to interject conversation, as tho I was actually speaking to them in the first place.

I have conversations with self. I have great epiphanies, logic comes to play, common sense intrudes in the manipulators story … through my memory of ‘its’ presence.

Love is the root of fear. Yes, love can be manipulated, turned into fear or anger or pain … it can become love degraded … it is still love nonetheless.

I laughed a little at this, for those who want power and control must dirty love in order to attain it. They decrease its potency in order to control it. They are still absorbing love, however, simply a less powerful form of it. The control aspect comes by making love believe it is less than it actually is.

… Back to the invisibles implanting thought forms, using your own voice, and manipulating other people to make solid that thought form.

Do not be quiet. Let your voice, your thoughts be heard. If no one wants to listen to “deep thoughts by you” let them walk away, don’t allow them to change your thought … let them offer different perspectives, but your mind is your mind and it should be programmed by you, and you alone.

Know thyself … know what is yours, and what is manipulation … it is a very sensitive space and barely visible line between the two.

We’ve been trained into it from birth.

Untrain … and then retrain your mind and being, into that which you can have respect for, into that which you can love not just surface level, but deep, deep self-love.

You are worthy of your time and attention … attention is the most valuable currency known to ALL life … pay yourself first … if you’re ‘wallet’ isn’t full, you cannot properly pay it to anyone else.

My hope is that once you find your peace, you will also let it be heard, spreading across the land like rain.

Here are a couple references explaining certain mind control technologies, it is very real, and the unsuspecting are the test subjects.

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